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About Eventnet Systems

.Eventnet Systems is the leading company for developing technological advances in the field of Communication, ADSL, Id Scanning, RFID Wrist Bands, EFTPOS and general technical support for the entertainment industry in Western Australia.

Our team has been involved in the entertainment industry for over twenty years combined, this includes Pubs, Clubs, Concerts and Theater all from a technical perspective.

Eventnet Systems was formed because of a need foreseen by its directors to fill a gap left by other companies in the entertainment industry.

Predominantly we are a technology company, this means when we see the need for a product and / or service we fill it with an easy and better way (New Technologies).

Our main background is communications but we did not stop there. Our first step into the furthering ourselves was the EFTPOS system. After six months of research and endless nights of tears we lunched a system that we where told could not be done for years to come.

After the success of this system we then decided to launch a completely new company, Eventnet Systems to bring our new concepts and ideas to you.

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