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Eventnet Systems Point of Sale Systems - Cashless Events

As cash becomes more expencive to handle, and insurance becomes harder to obtain, Eventnet System's cashless Point of Sale system makes excelent sence.

Using RFID Superbands, EFTPOS terminals, Internet ticket sales and advanced / secure Cash -> Band kiosks we are able to offer an all in one soultion to your problems.

Unlike paper tickets, the band is attached to the patron, which goes where they go, this is the same wristband that they may of used to gain access to the event.

Cashless POS system - Value added tickets

Our value added system works in conjunction with existing POS methods, but enables patrons to purchase credit at the time they purchase their ticket.



The system can be deployed, just like our eftpos system.

Please keep an eye out here for more changes

New systems are constantly being designed


We have many more systems and configurations, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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