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Eventnet Systems Turnstile Technologies

Eventnet Systems has devoloped portable electronic turnstiles that are able to be configured for most applications that can be throwen at them.

Patron beheivor is drematicly changed when turnstiles are introduced, they form neat lines and do not push as can be seen when chains are used.

We can configure them to monitor the number of people in a licenced area, plug in a remote control module that enables controled entry or connect it to the advanced RFID Wristband System.

Basic System - Crowd Control, Remote Control

The basic croud control system simply combinds our heavy duty, protable skidplate, direct drive turnstile and a remote control.


The ideal application of this turnstile system is to control partons entering a licenced area where entry needs to be slowed, or controled.

Turnstiles can be located at all entry points and hold a patron whilst their ID is checked or alternitivaly hold the line untill there is room within the licenced area

The turnstile is simply activated by the door manager pressing the button on the remote.

RFID System - Ticketing & Entry management

The RFID system is able to automate the entry process using RFID tickets or RFID Superband© Wrist Bands.

Using RFID ticketing prevents fraud as found with Barcode and other methods whist enabling the system, to be highly portable, without the need to network the controlers.


RFID access passes can be as simple as a RFID wristband, purchased directly from our stock, or more intergrated systems incorprating on-line ticketing, cash to band POS, area and time of day.

Turnstiles can be banked together as entry or exit units, with the RFID transponder makred with an entry flag, preventing re-entry (Pass Back)

The turnstile is simply activated by a valid pass when it is placed on the reader.

RFID System - Back Stage Control

Incorproating RFID Superband© Wrist Bands or Laminates tagged with a RFID transponder enables back stage areas to be secured by the automatided turnstile system.

Turnstiles & their readers can be setup and programed to enable only AAA passes into all areas, and lesser production or crew passes only into the premited zones.

With Anti Passback Technologie, a pass that has been used to enter an event, if re used with out exiting correctly will not enable the pass to be reused.


The system can be deployed at any location and travel in road cases as required.

The laminates can be ordered from Eventnet Systems, ready to go, or we can provide small RFID stickers that can be placed within the ID, or stuck to the back.

The turnstile is simply activated by a valid pass when it is placed on the reader, or checked via a hand heild unit.


We have many more systems and configurations, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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